I procrastinated really bad, but luckily.. this Wonder Woman costume was so easy that I finished it literally the night before I had to go out. The only main trouble I had was I wasn’t really prepared so I had to go back to the store plenty of times to get my materials, but luckily I’ll tell you everything you need so you can make this costume in ONE day.

  • Glitter construction paper enough for your shield bracelets, and crown.
  • Red construction paper to cut your stars.
  • Glitter foam paper to cut out the WW logo.
  • Tulle for your tutu
  • Felt sticker stars.
  • Ribbon to tie your crown around your head
  • and either ribbon to make your tutu or elastic.. up to you.
  • gold rope for your lasso (you can find this in the same section as ribbons)

By the way, I got everything at  Hobby Lobby except for the corset.

For the tutu, I basically YouTubed how to make a tutu (which is SO easy) and instead of using elastic, I used a thin gold ribbon and did the tulle around there. I bought spools of tulle instead of by the bulk so it’d be sort of pre cut into strips already (and it’s a bit cheaper). And then I just stuck on some glitter felt stars on the tutu.

For the crown, I just drew out the pattern and cut it. Since it wasn’t colored on both sides, I had to cut another one and glued it on the back and then I glued two ribbons on each side to tie around my hair and cut out a red star and glued it on there. For my shield bracelets, I just cut into rectangles and traced and cut out a red star.

And for my top, I bought a red corset at Fredrick’s, luckily they were having a 50% sale so I got it for $30. And I Googled WW logos online and used an exacto knife and cut it out on glitter foam paper and glued it onto my corset.