I had always wanted to be a peacock, but would either not find one I liked, or it would be way too expensive. So I decided to put one together once I found an old Charlotte russe turquoise corset that I paid $25 for and decided to up-cycle it by just hot gluing a few peacock feather in the front a total of six that cost me .25 cents a feather in LA and just buying a black tutu for the bottom that cost me $20. As for the peacock tail, I ordered a black fan that already had peacock feathers on the tip of the fan on Etsy that cost me $20. I just bought additional long stick peacock feathers from LA as well at .65 cents each; a total of 24 to glue to the fan in layers to create that peacock tail effect and then just hot glued two elastic black bands on each side to slide my arms through it and get my peacock tail on. :) All in all, I was very happy with the way it came out and even thought it still cost me a bit of money, at least it was exactly what I wanted and not too crazy on the price. ;) Total costume expense was $82.10.