1) How did you come up with this costume idea?
To save California from drought.
WaterHero insists everyone not to waste water, and save water. A much needed thinking for the Bay Area.

2) What items did you use to make this costume? And how?
Felt – Red, Brown, Dark Blue & Light Blue color
SuperHero Hand band, cape – store bought and made out of felt
Regular store bought full sleeve t-shirt(blue) and regular pants

How I made it
1. Cut out these shapes in felt first – water drops, two hands, a big water drop, and the letters “W”, “Save Water!” and a star shape
2. Stitch the Star shape and a big W to the front of the t-shirt
3. Stitch the “Save Water!” slogan to the front of the cape.
4. Stitch the big water drop, small ones, and the two hands to the blue cape.
5. Some more water drops stitched to the hand band and pants