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Homemade Toddler Pirate Costume with Pirate Ship Buggy

I was debating whether or not to take my daughter, who is only 15 months, trick or treating for the first time and I knew if I was going to, I was going to be creative with her means of “transportation”.

I was looking for a fun way to complement my daughter’s pirate costume, and I needed to find a way to transport her from house to house in a safe manner, not only from “trick or treaters” but also for my back since she is too young to do the whole walk. I often take her around the development in her buggy, so I had the idea to dress up not only my daughter, but also the buggy! Given that she was a pirate, I figured she needed a ship! :)

I went around the house gathering the materials to build her ship, and believe it or not, I needed no more than a pair of scissors, packing tape, scotch tape, an old box, stapler, black spray paint and a black trash bag. I opened the side of the box and bingo, it was the perfect fit! I folded the box in half, cut out the space for the wheels and cut the top shaping it as a ship! This was the easy part.  Now I put the tape all around the box in order to make the stripe and poked slits on the side for the “cannons” I also created with the cut out pieces from the box.

I then took the parts outside for painting, and needless to say when you spray paint, you paint everything, including yourself! Well, I was no exception, and because I wasn’t patient enough, I removed the tape for the stripes right away and momma here forgot to wear gloves which gave me black hands and because it was windy outside, I made a nice pattern on myself, arms, shirt, shorts and legs. I covered the inside with the black trash bag which I cut on the sides and then fit the wheel through, her seat-belt and the stapling the bag to the ship in order to cover the entire inside. It took me a few hours, mostly because of the drying of the paint and the fight to remove the paint from myself! :)

Well, I must tell you it was the hit in the neighborhood. They were taking pictures of her and the ship and everyone who saw her “pirate ship” told me what a great idea and what a great job I did! I admit that I was very pleased with the outcome, and my daughter is the best, she deserved the hard work! I only wish I had  a big stapler because I had to use a clear packing tape to hold the sign I made. Well, this was a learning experience!

Homemade Toddler Pirate Costume with Pirate Ship Buggy

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