Homemade Toddler Mermaid Costume (and Mommy Ursula)

Every year me and my 2 year old daughter dress up togather as a theme Snow White and the evil queen alice / queen of hearts u get the pic… Well this year we was ariel the lil mermaid and ursula my costume was however store bought but my daughters costome homemade yep now I never sewn before but the idea came to me while I was looking for her costume I couldn’t find one the I really liked or the really looked like the mermaid so I made it I bought fabric that looked like fish scale and I bought a really really small bra i coverd the bra in puruple fabic to resemble sea shells and the skirt was very easy to make .. Made the skirt to her size cut into a v at the bottom then cut out sone sparkly fabric to make the fins all in all it took about 2 weeks to make this only cuss I was doing a lil at time do to my hectic life lol. But very easy she loved I loved and i have to say she made the perfect mermaid I luved it I don’t know how Iam goNina top next year