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Coolest Homemade Thing 1 Costume and Thing 2 Illusion

This homemade Thing 1 costume and Thing 2 illusion wasn’t a Halloween costume. We made this costume for Dr. Seuss Day but it came out so great I wanted to share it.

I suggested Thing 1 and Thing 2 thinking I could make red costumes for my daughter and her little friend. She said No she wanted to be Thing 1 AND Thing 2. My dad and I had just made dummies for a talent show project for my nephews. I thought I could rob one of those dummies (not my nephews) switch out the dummy head and change its clothes and she would be good to go. I had to make the dummy more like a backpack and zip tied the arms and legs together so it would look like a piggyback ride.

My daughter kept telling the school staff members that she had a surprise. In the drop off line at school I told her to just put the dummy’s arms around her so when she got out of the car it would already be on her back and then she could put everything on correctly once she was out. The Staff member opened the door to the car and cried, “Oh my God!”. The other two came running (they know our car) to see what my daughter was up to. They couldn’t believe it. She was a big hit in her homemade Thing 1 costume illusion. She stood in front of the school while multiple teachers took pictures of her. She said the office staff had her come in and they took pictures too. Of course, the kids thought it was hilarious. The dummy had to sit in the back during class.

The dummy is made from EVA foam and pool noodles. I just took a t-shirt that fits well and traced it out on the EVA foam. I used a heat gun to warm up the EVA foam to put a curve in the chest and back then glued the sides together to make the body. The heaviest part of the dummy is the foam head. The shoes are also EVA foam. I traced her shoe on EVA foam cut it out then glued EVA foam around the perimeter of the shoe. I then covered it in the same material to make is look like a onesie pajama. On Pinterest we saw someone make the hair by tying tulle to a headband. We ran with that idea. We tied tulle to several alligator clips and stuck them all over my daughter’s head. The dummy we just glued straight to the foam. The kids were still wearing masks at school so we gave the dummy a matching mask as well.

Homemade Thing 1 Costume and Thing 2

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