Homemade Terminator Costume

Here is Arthur Terminator. We made the mask with FIMO – a jaw and eye structure. We painted in metallic.

I bought a red LED and built a small eye also with FIMO and put the LED inside and let the metallic wire connection on top and bottom. I welded the metallic connection on the top and the bottom of the eyebrow to make the eye light up when we insert it. In that way Arthur is able to remove the false Terminator Eye during school.

We applied the metallic eyebrow and Jaw on his face, two small electrical wires run under the eyebrow to behind his ear to his jeans pocket with the battery and we also built a cyborg arm with nails, spring, tubing and metallic wire linked to his fingers. In that way, with a glove, he can move his finger and that makes the arm mechanism move.

Look at the video for the arm, we put all this mechanism on a wood plate with epoxy glue. We painted it in metallic color and used medical tape to attached it to his arm. I used Merhon/D gel, created a false skin sheet, applied it on the mechanism and after some make-up it worked.

Homemade Terminator Costume

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