Homemade Super Cheap Joker Costume

Every year our school where I work at picks a theme for the year. This year we choose Superheroes. The teachers and staff wore different costumes based on superheroes, comics, and even villains. I choose the Joker. He is one of my favorite villains.

I went searching the thrift stores and found every single piece of clothing for my outfit, I put it all together and BAM! The Joker. The teachers really liked it and I really stood out with my white face and my bright suit, it helped that I was the only Villain in school too! I wore purple tights (for a girly touch) an orange blouse, green vest, and an awesome purple blazer that I bought for a $1.50 (score!). I added the accessories like a bright flower on my blazer, and used a green ribbon for my loose bow-tie. I “YouTubed” a few makeup tutorials and used my own makeup to pull off a “school appropriate” joker look.

As for my hair, I luckily had a cool green wig in my closet from years before. The teachers loved it and the kids as well. I found it funny because the younger students (pre-K and Kinder) weren’t really sure who I was, I guess they’re too young to know who the first joker was. I seriously enjoyed dressing up like the joker, it was easy, dirt cheap and was a big hit. Although the school didn’t hold a contest I was told by everyone that I was the best dressed!

I recommend this costume idea to any fan and non-fan of superheroes and villains. Whether it’s the older joker in the purple suit or the recent one with his scars, everyone loves a good villain. I can’t wait until next year’s Halloween theme. Have fun creating your own.

Homemade Super Cheap Joker Costume

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