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Homemade Sports Ken and Barbie In Box Costume

Shopping list:

Clear masking tape
Two boxes
8 meters of pink wrapping paper
5 meters of yellow wrapping paper
1 meter of purple wrapping paper
2 sheets of white cardboard
1 sheet of red cardboard
Pink rhinestones

Blue tights and singlet
Pink belt
Pink flats
Pink scrunchie
Colorful leg earners
Pink eye shadow
Pink lipstick


Step 1: measure up the front of the boxes and cut a square out of both boxes that will show from your midsection to your head

Step 2: begin wrapping the outside of the box in pink, working from the front to the back, focusing on keeping the front as seamless as possible

Step 3: use the yellow wrapping to cover in the inside.

Step 4: cut out the Ken and Barbie letters out of the white cardboard in a style to your liking

Step 5: cut a white square, a red circle and a Mattel in white letters.

Step 6: stick all the letters and signs on the front

Step 7: add the rhinestones to the barbie box, around the box edge

Step 8: cut two purple thin strips and two yellow thin strips. The purple strips go on the ken box near the edges. The yellow strips next to the rhinestones on the barbie box

Step 9: make six holes in the back, 4 of them above and below be shoulders, and two around the waist. String the rope through the holes

Step 10: help your partner in the box and strap them in

The experience:

We spent two whole days creating what we thought would take a few hours! Getting all the materials was surprisingly challenging and we searched two shopping centres over two days to get everything. Be prepared to exercise extreme patience with your partner and definitely break up the jobs between yourselves. We found assigning the letter making and the wrapping to each other worked best for us. I’m more spatially minded and my girlfriend is more creative so it suited us, however creating a box each would work just as well.

We won best dressed at our party and the outfit was a hit all round. We were even stopped on the way to the party by a car so they could take a photo! It was my girlfriends idea to make the costumes, and while they took a lot of effort, it was definitely an excellent idea!

Good luck!

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