I got the blue body paint at Omer De Serre, found a little white dress at Sears that reminds me the joyful spirit of The Smurfs so got to work on our Smurf and Smurfette couple Halloween costume. I found the white shoes in sales (10$)!  I put a blue sweater and matching socks on because it’s cold in Quebec during Halloween time. My blonde wig was from a previous Halloween costume and the white hat is a simple large tuque that I filled with plastic bubbles. For my face, a lot of blush, fake eyelashes, pink lipstick and don’t forget the hands, blue nail polish.

For my cousin, almost the same but easier. I had a hard time finding white pants so I bought long white underwear and a blue shirt. He took a shower 20 minutes before I painted him so it was hard to make the blue paint stay in place. But funny! He wears glasses so he took a Harry Potter book and brought it to our Halloween Party.