Homemade Scarecrow Costume in an Hour

My 6-yr old son had to dress up as his favorite book character for the School Book Day and his all time favorite book is Wizard of Oz. Initially he wanted to be the Tin Soldier, but I convinced him that the Scarecrow will be easier to wear through the day.

I bought a new broom and cut out bristles and glued them to pieces of rags, with pieces of bristles sticking out a bit of the rags. We made about a dozen such pieces. That’s all the preparation we needed.

He had an old flannel shirt and patched jeans on which we pinned the rags using a safety pin. On a straw hat we stuck the rags with sticky tape. The school frowns upon face paint, so we used an eyeliner to draw the stiches on his face and some lipstick to add patches of colour.

The result: He stood out in a maze of store-bought Supermen and Prince costumes.