Homemade Sacrifice Priestess Costume

Halloween is always a challenge for myself. Every year I want something new, something better, something no one else has. This year one of my outfits included this Middleamerican Sacrifice Priestess. Once I have an idea stuck in my head I roll with it!

I love being creative and seeing what I can do with everyday items to transform them into a costume like this! I wore it twice this month and I have been getting compliments on it like crazy from cute to original. Certainly no one showed up with a costume like mine!

The best part about my costume was that I knew no one else one have it and that it certainly was unique. I got my inspiration from the movie “Apocalypto” as well as my experience living abroad in Guatemala. Feather necklace and the headpiece were made by me and the amazing septum piercing I got from etsy.com. Although the feather necklace was a tricker to make, it ended up very beautifully. My headpiece was a pastime I did when I got home after work, sketching, drawing and painting it it, it certainly became the actual eye catcher of the costume.

I am aware that my costume is not historically correct but I wanted to combine all that I knew and have heard about that era. My skirt is part of the traditional Guatemalan “traje” and is also worn that way. So I combined many Mayan and Aztec aspects.

I did two versions of this costume meaning I changed my hair and make up a little bit. The first with long flowing hair and blood running down my mouth with pointy fingernails and the other with more face tattooing and pulled back hair to emphasize the earrings and necklace.

It certainly was an adventure to make and I don’t think I will able to top my own costume with some better and more authentic maybe add even more props as the years go on. I hope you all enjoy my costume as much as I did!

Homemade Sacrifice Priestess Costume