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Homemade Rubik’s Cube Costume – My Favorite 80’s Toy

This is how I made my Rubik’s cube costume. You will need foam board, colored foam sheets, spray adhesive, glitter, black duct tape, something to hold the 3 pieces together so you can wear it on your shoulders.

  • step 1 : Cut your foam board into 28 inches long each piece
  • step 2:  Cut your foam pieces into 71/2 inches by 71/2,you will need 9 of each color
  • step 3:  Take the duct tape and cover the top of each piece of foam board 1/2 inches from the top, then take 2 pieces of foam board and tape them together, edge to edge, it will be hard to bend and it should be
  • step 4:  spray a cut foam piece and place it directly under the tape on the top and next to the edge,when first piece is on you take duct tape and place a piece next to the piece you applied, then repeat with same color 2 more times, you should have three, you then repeat it on each board, you can use different colors I chose to put three of the same color on each board
  • step 5: take your top piece and make a hole so your head will fit through
  • step 6: place tape around the opening for your head, I put all different colors on the top part where my head went through, make it your own like I did
  • step 7 : punch small holes on the bottom of each board on the sides I used a hole puncher, I strung string through it, then placed the cubes onto of each other, you can add a belt or suspenders to keep it on your shoulders.when you are all finished , you may choose to spray the squares and add glitter.

I chose to keep mine in three pieces so I could step out of it to sit etc. My hands were also inside, if you want you can cut out a circle so your hands can go through. This is the first year I made a costume for a party I was attending, it took me about three weeks because I did a little each day.

When I entered the door of the party, it was like I was on the red carpet, everyone was laughing and taking pictures, I was a big hit, and also won the best costume, out beat some good ones, mine was original and made it my own. I will be making another one for next year.

It drove me crazy some days but well worth it, I never laughed so much at the party and someone actually bought it from me so they can hang it in their basement with their bar!

Homemade Rubik's Cube Costume - My Favorite 80's Toy

Homemade Rubik's Cube Costume - My Favorite 80's Toy

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