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Homemade Pirate Ship Stroller and Pirate Costumes

Me being the cheap person that I am did not want to buy Halloween costumes for my twins. I figured they were going to be in the stroller because they’re too heavy to carry around and heaven help up if we let them walk…they’re quick little boogers…so why spend money on costumes they’re only gonna wear once and really No one would see because they would be in the stroller…


So here I go looking online to find some ideas. I like this, I like that, I gave up. Went into the living room and the kids are watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates…why not do a pirate ship?

I started drawing ideas on paper, but my plans and the actual outcome never look alike so I just decided to start working on it.

With having twins, you would imagine that we go through a lot of diapers…and what do you do with all the diaper boxes? Well, I save them. My husband asks why, but this proved the perfect opportunity to show him why. So with the help of a box cutter, duct tape and some zip ties, I got to work. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing, but it somehow came together.

After the “ship” was complete, I created a pirate wheel and an anchor from another diaper box, cannons from paper towel tubes, painted those and set aside. I painted the ship brown, used black paint to make it look like wood panels and spritzed brown spray paint over it to give it a better look. I attached the wheel using a dowel rod I had hammered a nail into, the anchor with just a piece of twine, and the cannons I actually sewed on using the twine. (I wasn’t sure how else to do those.) We had a pirate flag from a monster truck show and using an old Veronica handle attached that with zip ties. For the water we used blue streamers you put around tables or on the walls. (I’m not sure what they’re called…purchased them at the party store.)

And that was it…drew a couple mustaches on our boys, put bandanas on their heads and we were ready for trick or treating. I was so unbelievably proud of how it turned out. Everyone commented on it and even wanted to take pictures of it!!

So by using old diaper boxes, some duct tape and zip ties…possibilities are endless.

Homemade Pirate Ship Stroller and Pirate Costumes

Homemade Pirate Ship Stroller and Pirate Costumes

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