I decided to be a peacock with a creative twist. I bought tule,3 yrds of each, (0.80 per yrd)white &(1.20 per yrd) green and tied them to a piece of (0.79 per yrd) gauze material. that became my tutu. I used a old corset top and hot glued 3 bags of (1.99 ea) blue, white and green feathers all over, 1 boa (8.00) for the top and the waist line of the top tail. I bought 4 peacock patches for the top (2.99 ea.) and 5 double pack of single peacock feathers for the top tail (1.99 ea). the entire tail was attached with hot glue and  free cardboard. I was able to wear my costume to work (in a professional manner, and covered) and the reaction was amazing!! they even took my picture and posted it on thier store web site!! I was told I had the best costume in the area.