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Homemade LEGO Ninjago Halloween Costume for a Boy

This year my son is REALLY into Ninjago…Lego Ninja guys. And he requested to be a Lego Ninja for Halloween this year. Well, after a bit of searching I realized the only way it was going to happen was if we made the costume. He didn’t want to be just a plain Ninja, so we got to work constructing a costume to make him look like an actual Lego man Minifigure. His Ninjago of choice was Cole the black Ninja.

So I used one of his Lego guys to help me get the proportions correct as well as the design on his front. Of course he wouldn’t be complete without a golden weapon, so I had to get a sythe and spray it gold too. My husband helped make the Lego legs, complete with the rounded bump out on the front. We even have the perfect Lego hand, I used those foam bottle coolers to get the right shape of a Lego hand. The rest of his costume was made out of foam board, duck tape and covered in pleather fabric to look shiny like a real Lego man!

It was a ton of measuring my son, measuring the actual Lego man and measuring the cardboard over and over again to get it just right.  We made the entire costume out of paper first before cutting it out of cardboard so we could easily adjust it if we needed to. Once it was just right we cut it out of the foam board and duck taped it together, then I covered it in the pleather to give it that shiny Lego guy look!  I cut the decorations on the front of the costume out of pleather as well and glued those on.

I think he turned out amazing, and he was quite the hit when we were out trick or treating this year! I give you the Lego Ninja Cole!!

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