Homemade Fish Aquarium Halloween Costume for a Boy

I started this homemade Fish Aquarium Halloween costume with a box the size to fit my son’s head and be able to carry on shoulders for ease. I cut out one side completely and two sides for side view. I left one side solid and covered with tank backing from Pet Smart. My son helped glue the colored rocks and fish tank extras.

We then took a needle to the spiky rubber balls and glued them to box. We bought cat toy “fish” and hung them on top. We placed saran wrap over side windows to give it a water look. We placed a light to give it a night look while walking. I found a fish pattern online and he colored it.

It took us about 4 days to start to finish. On Halloween we taped my son’s fish net and food on top but forgot to take pic. We had a blast and got lots of comments. He got the idea from his fish bowl and we began there.