Coolest Homemade Fembot Couple Costume with Working Gun Boobs!

We started off by getting two pink dresses similar to the fembots in the first Austin Powers.We found them at Forever21 in the clearance section. Then we went to Michaels to get supplies. We bought two thin long feather boas each. One boa was plain, the other had silver in it for a sparkly look. We also used a hot glue gun, two metal icing cake decorators each (for the boob guns) two long thin plastic tubes(each), and at a toys-r-us we bought two of the little pumps they use to get boogers out of a babies nose (gross but for good reason).

We took the feathers and cut them to glue around the boob area .and the bottom of the dress. The bottom layer was mostly the plain feathers, and then we used the feathers with the silver on the top layer.

Then we used scissors to cut out two small holes where each nipple gun would be. we secured the icing decorators by gluing them from the inside. We then took some feathers  and wrapped them around our shoes gluing the ends to make it stay.

The next step was to take two plastic tubes and glue them to the inside of the icing decorators to make the guns shoot like in the movie. Using the pump, we sucked up some baby powder so they were full. Then we attached the pumps to the tube and let the pumps hang by our hips where the dresses fit a little looser.

We ordered the wigs online and used fake eye-lashes

In order to make the guns work, we simply squeezed the pumps which fed the powder through the tube and out of the gun nipples. The powder resembled a cloud of smoke or gas like in the movie.

It may sound complicated but it was pretty easy. The hardest part was figuring out a strategy to make the costume actually work. The best part was when people didn’t expect for the “guns” to actually work. We went around shooting smoke bombs out of our boobs. Everyone got a huge kick out of our costume. Every so often we would have to refill our pumps with powder, but it was worth it.

We won the contest at the party we were attending. Favorite costume ever!

Coolest Homemade Fembot Couple Costume with Working Gun Boobs!

Coolest Homemade Fembot Couple Costume with Working Gun Boobs!

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