Homemade Female Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costumes

Halloween is the best holiday for everyone to get together and have fun dressing up. In years past, we have never gone out in costumes, due to the fact we weren’t 21 yet. But now that we are, we wanted to do something exciting and memorable.

Individual costumes are creative, but a group costume where everyone participates is even better. It took us weeks to finally agree on something that wasn’t lame or played out. As soon as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was decided, we immediately called dibbs on who was going to be who. Their signature colors played a huge part.

Rafael’s aunt owns a shop where she does sewing and alterations. Needless to say, she made all or costumes by scratch. Shopping for the materials was chaotic! We had to visit multiple specialty stores, multiple times before finally making a purchase on the fabric and material. We had already been measured and chose the length of our individual dresses and the neck line. Once we visited the shop and dropped off the materials, it was only a matter of waiting (we are all procrastinators and only gave her one week to complete the 4 costumes). In the mean time, we looked for our weapons, and luckily found them all. The aunt worked her magic and got them all done in time to readjust and fix anything after making us try them on.

We showed them off at a few costumes parties the weekend before Halloween. They were a hit!  On Halloween day, we went to the local bar scene (Mill Ave) and bar hopped and hung around with everyone else that dressed up for the event. It was a blast!