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Homemade Fawn Family Costume

At first we were originally planning on John being a farmer/redneck, myself as a goat, and our son as a fawn…the product of our love. But when the prospect of me having to wear head to toe fur and a mask came into perspective, I changed my mind. So instead we all went in a Fawn Family Costume. It was easy considering we went to the Renaissance Fest for Halloween! We fit right in. We were stopped sooooo many times by people who asked to take a photo with or of us, that we didn’t really get a chance to get too many of us from our camera. Seriously, we didn’t get more than a few minutes at a time before someone else was coming up to us and snapping pictures. It was really flattering.

My son Gavin has a furry beanie that I crocheted for him with his horns sticking up out of it, but he refused to wear it. What’s a parent to do? Anyways, the ENTIRE costume on each of us was handmade by me except for our ears which I ordered from a guy who makes them. Our horns were all polymer clay. Faux fur, elastic, foam, and cotton lining for the “legs”. Fabric, and upholstery trim for my top and my belt pouch. Our hooves were made from 2 pairs of shoes, bondo, and a lot of time. Gavin’s legs and hooves were made from faux fur (blend of black and white) and black vinyl for the hoof covers that slipped over his shoes. I think that pretty much describes them.

They took about a month to complete, and the supplies ran about $150 for all 3. We had a blast at the festival, and from the response we got from the crowd, I think I did a really good job. I can’t wait for us to get to wear them again!

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