I had so much fun coming up with this idea for Princess Lolly and Lord Licorice! I first thought of my costume when I was listening to a Katy Perry station on Pandora and saw her album cover for the Teenage Dream collection. I thought to myself, “Candyland, that’s it!” After coming up with Lolly for myself, I thought Lord Licorice would be great and unique for my boyfriend!

I started on both costumes in the beginning of September, because I have very long work hours. For Lord Licorice, I used an empty wrapping paper roll for his cane, covered it in red paper, and twisted what seemed like 100 red pipe cleaners together and glued them around the roll at a diagonal angle. Looked just like a Twizzler! And, my boyfriend had a ton of fun playing with it all evening, haha!

For his outfit, he wore black jeans that he already had and we got a puffy sleeved, women’s shirt and black vest at Goodwill. I used an old black sun hat of mine and did the same pipe cleaner method that I used for the cane. I found the pointy nose at Joann’s for 25 cents and attached a black pipe cleaner to make the villain mustache! His costume ended up only costing $3!

For my costume, I did have to put a bit more work into it, but it was SO worth it! I started by getting my measurements, then went to Walmart and purchased a fabric pre-cut of yellow felt for $8. I did the skirt first and just hand stitched the back. After getting the skirt sewn together, I attached the top to the skirt and added buttons for the top closure, all hand stitched! For the lollipops, I cut small circles out of different colored card stock and 4 large circles, one for a lollipop purse and the other 3 to go on the front of the dress. I got glued them onto lollipop sticks, used sugar looking glitter on them all and then hot glued them onto the dress!

I made a band out of the yellow felt for the crown, then added the lollipops I’d made, as well as some sparkly pom poms ( because you can never have too much sparkle)! I wore nude ballet flats I already had that have different colored stones that resemble rock candy! I originally wanted a light pink wig, but had a lot of trouble finding one, so I spray painted my hair after curling it to wear the costume for the first night we went out! (We went out 3 different nights!) I finally found the perfect wig at a Halloween Express store, so I got to wear it on Halloween night!

We had an absolute BLAST wearing these costumes, everyone knew exactly who we were dressed as, and got a TON of compliments on how close we looked to the board game characters!

Now, it’s almost that time again and I can’t wait to come up with a new costume that is as exciting to make and wear as these!!