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Homemade Balthazar Bratt Costume for 7 Year Old

There were no mullets for his age that scream Balthazar, so I made one using yoga mat foam to form a cradle over the head.  I used two black wig caps from the dollar store to glue over it, black posterboard to form the front of the mullet, glued to the capped head cradle, and black shelf gripping sheets to cover poster board and make the mullet locks on the back.

The jacket was a young teenager’s jacket with buttons and girls’ purple Aladdin pants found at the thrifts store. The shoulder pads were velcro glued to inside the shoulder of jacket and to some yoga foam so they can remove easily if you decide to sport the jacket after the costume.

The shoes were white shoes from the thrift store. Keytar is a Block Posterized picture of the keytar, cut out and glued to cardboard. Cut it out and laminate with clear packing tape. I also used a red strap from a bag and… Voila! 

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