My two year old son is obsessed with the Mahna Mahna song. Whenever he’s upset, all I have to do is play the Youtube video and he starts cracking up. It was the only costume I considered for Halloween, but there were none to be found that were ready made.

I’m a bit of a procrastinator, so with three days till Halloween, I ran to Michaels, borrowed a glue gun and got to work. I used a hot pink boa, two paper towel rolls, Google eyes, some Popsicle sticks and construction paper to make the puppets. A green t-shirt and some fuzzy yarn was all that was needed for the shirt.

After a few trials with a couple of different materials, a swim cap worked best to glue the hair on. My son hates things on his face, so I never got the full face on at one time, but I made it with a painted clown nose and I painted the rims of a pair of old sun glasses.

He LOVED the costume and went around singing the Mahna Mahna song all day. He knew right away what it was and everyone got the biggest kick out of him. It made for an unforgettable day!