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Head-Turning Emmy Award Costume

My mom and I make my costume every year. This year’s inspiration was an Emmy award. Gold, Gold, and more Gold!

For the Emmy Award costume I started by buying a gold dress, battery operated Christmas lights, gold body paint and one of those expandable ball toys. Then it was off to the craft store for spray paint, foam and Styrofoam balls.

We drew wings on the foam and had my dad cut them out on his table saw, then we spray painted EVERYTHING gold. Finally, we sewed the Christmas lights into my dress so that I would light up.

Being as the ball was collapsible (for easy carrying) people didn’t quite know what I was until I fully opened it above my head, then everyone would gasp in excitement. I took more pictures with people this year that any costume in the past!

The only thing tricky I ran into was that the wings were a bit heavy, I would recommend cardboard or something a little more light weight than foam.

Head-Turning Emmy Award Costume

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