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Harvest Hero Combine Costume

My 3 year old son, Asher, loves the farm and anything to do with it. He loves spending time with his Grandpa Jim in his tractor, combine, or on the 4-wheeler. In fact, hos grandpa is his hero. He wants to drink coffee like grandpa, dress like grandpa, and eat all his dinner so he can be big and strong like grandpa. Of course, he also wants to be a farmer. So when I asked him what he wanted to be for Halloween, what he said didn’t surprise me much. He’s not into superheroes He just wanted to be a Combine! I tried to give him other ideas, but there was no swaying this child. His mind was set.

I went to work looking for ideas. I didn’t find much for instructions or costumes to purchase. I only found a few photos of combine costumes on the Internet. I gathered some boxes over the course of a month and stocked up on John Deere green paint. Figuring out how to fasten the boxes together and how to have him carry the costume proved quite difficult. At some point I decided to just start assembling it, hoping it would all come together.

I started with one larger box, cut a hole in the top for him, and spray painted it. I cut some smaller boxes to fashion the row picker and cab and spray painted them. I bought some styrofoam cones to use for the pickers and circles for the big front tires. Luckily, they now make duck tape in every color imaginable and I found a yellow roll I used as the stripe down the sides.

I used a sharpie to write “John Deere” on the sides and spray painted some coffee can lids for the rear tires. Then came the challenge of the logistics of how a small 3 year old would carry this costume trick or treating. Suspenders didn’t work right because the finished product was just too heavy. We ended up setting the combine on top of a wagon. It worked perfect!

He was the envy of every 3-5 year old boy in our small farming community! I hope he remembers this Halloween when he is all grown up combining his own field!

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