Last year I decided to be Mystique from X-Men. I didn’t just want to paint myself blue and wear a bikini though. I wanted to be HARD CORE and make prosthetic pieces and look like Rebecca Romijn in the movies. After all, I was going to Heidi Klum’s Halloween Party in Las Vegas and only something spectacular would do!

It’s a good thing I start getting ready for Halloween in September because I needed every minute to finish! The process started with creating the prosthetic pieces. I used Ben Nye liquid latex, plaster of Paris and molding clay.

Using molding clay I shaped out how I wanted each piece to look and then poured plaster over the clay. Once the plaster dried I pulled out the clay and then poured in the liquid latex and let it dry over night. The result was flesh colored latex pieces that I then used Ben Nye Prostheic  Adhesive to adhere to my body. In total I had 16 pieces! It took forever. I have to smile now thinking back on how I pulled several all nighters making prosthetics!

I had 2 pieces for each of my shoulders, upper arms lower arms, chest/abdomen, upper thighs and lower legs and a pair of shorts. Yep shorts!  Yep there wasn’t a single stitch of fabric on me.

My sister and boyfriend spent nearly 3 and half hours painting me with several coats of liquid latex. The BEST part though was when I tried to sit in the taxi cab! The seats were vinyl and my latex was still tacky so instead of sitting down I squatted as my sister held me up under her hands. It was too funny.

I got a ton of attention, but was also confused for an Avatar. HAHAHA. I swore, “I’ll never do this again!”. However, now that I look at the pics and recall the countless hours that went into creating the pieces I may do the unthinkable and resurrect this costume in the years to come (provided I stay in similar shape!)

Here are some pics. My bf went as Wolverine. I made his claws!

The hardest part was being told I had to take off my face when we got to TAO. They said they couldn’t ID me. Sad face I know! Oh well, there’s always next year.