Coolest Homemade Halo Costume

My eight year old son wanted to go as the Master Chief character from Halo for Halloween this year. He actually wanted it last year but after I started on the helmet I realized it would take much longer than I originally thought! I purchased one of the Halo action figures to have something to work from to make this Halo costume that was 3D.

The helmet started out as an old motorcycle helmet and the rest of the body I made from foam board. The foam board is very easy to work with and glues together very well with a hot glue gun. The down side will not take an excessive amount of abuse. Normal movement is fine. I coated everything with fiber glass resin then primer and paint to finish it off. The edge of the foam board shrinks slightly but if you use extra hardener in the mix it will harden quick enough to keep everything together.

For the lights in the helmet I took apart one of my son’s spy gadget toys that had lights on each side. It worked perfectly and I can easily change the batteries. I didn’t keep track of how long it took to make this Halo costume since I worked on it off and on over a period of time.

Homemade Halo Costume

I would guess somewhere between 80 and 100 hours. It was worth the time and effort! My son loved it! He received all kinds of compliments as we went door to door.

Total Spent: $200

Homemade Halo Costume
Homemade Halo Costume

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