Gru’s Evil Minion Halloween Costume

I work for a Children’s Hospital in California and every year the patients get to go trick or treating the hallways of the hospitals. Each department sets up a station and pass out candy, toys and all sorts of goodies to the little ones. Every year my friend/co workers had these extravagant costumes which are always homemade, the reaction she gets from the kids is amazing! So this year instead of taking the easy route I decided to make my own costume, with a little help from my husband (a lot of help actually  I really wanted to be a minion but seeing how it has been done so much already I wanted something new that I thought the kids would like… so 1 week before I finally decided I wanted to be a minion… the purple minion.

that same day we made a trip to Lowe’s…  we wear in search of  trash can big enough to fit my body… so we did what any other normal person would do… tried on trash bins over my head to make sure the fit was just right lol…  I guess people don’t try on trash bins very often because the employee  working that area gave us a funny smile and asked if we needed help.

After our Lowe’s trip we went directly to the fabric store and bought felt, jean fabric and straps for the inside…

Went home cute 3 holes (the eye, 2 arms) and gut off the bottom of the trash bin so that I could fit through it.

once we covered it with felt, sewed overalls, added straps an eye, mouth and pretty much had the whole thing done we still had one more thing left to do.. THE HAIR….

At first we thought about using yarn and just taking it apart but with the top of the trash bin being so big and the yarn being so costly at Michael’s we decided not to go that route…  we thought about buying wigs at party city and just cutting them and glueing then onto the trash bins but at $20+ for each wig we were looking at about $80 or more… so we thought we would use purple tulle… so we made another trip to the fabric store… as we were getting the tulle we saw bags of polyester and instantly I could tell we both had the same idea… the polyester was PERFECT! but didn’t think we could dye it so we just stuck to the tulle… which to be very honest neither one of us was convinced this was the right material for minion hair… so my brave husband asked the lady helping us… she seemed to think it was a good idea too so we bought the polyester.  Drove back to Lowe’s to buy purple spray paint…

Next day I was a bit concerned the spray paint smell would be to strong specially since I was planning on wearing my costume to the Hospital… so I went to a nearby Walmart and bought fabric dye. I decided to test some polyester before dying it all. I placed 2 pieces in dye… one in purple food coloring and one in the fabric dye… I let them soak for a few hours ( we’ve never used fabric dye and the container did not have instructions) when we finally decided to take them out we realized the polyester had barely taken in the color…  still hesitant to spray paint the hair we grabbed the polyester sprayed it with adhesive and attached it to the trash lid…  and spray painted a layer… we did several layers until hardly any white was left…… This was our very first time making a costume and we are both sooo proud of our work and the reaction from the kids was simply amazing. Worth the million trips to the store and the shoulder ache the day after Halloween. I can’t even count the times we were stopped for pictures.

Gru's Evil Minion Halloween Costume

Gru's Evil Minion Halloween Costume

Gru's Evil Minion Halloween Costume

Gru's Evil Minion Halloween Costume

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