Great Twist to a Fairy Costume: Book Fairy Costume!

This year my three year old daughter, Danika, was a Book Fairy! I started with the skirt, using just some elastic band for the waste, and some tulle. I found a video on on how to make these no sew tutus a long time ago, they are really simple! Then I made her book wand. Which was a 12 inch wooden dowel, with pieces of felt cut and glued on, to look like a mini book. It even has little felt pages inside, and a ribbon hanging from it to look like a book mark.

Her headband is just yellow yarn braided together with some yellow sparkly tulle (the same tulle I used to make the big bow on the front of her skirt). It has some other colors of tulle on the back as well, and ribbon hanging down. Lastly, her book wings. I cut up our son’s empty diaper box and used the card board to make both the front and back covers of the “book”.  Then used a paper towel roll in the middle to push down and angle them, so they weren’t laying flat. Everything was hot glued together, and the felt was hot glued on top.