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Great Last-Minute Aunt Jemima Halloween Costume

Three days before Halloween I happened to mention a costume competition happening at work to my wife….$500 first prize. Now this really caught her attention because in this economy we, like so many other families, are starting to stress about Christmas coming fast. While brainstorming, within many other options I come up with Aunt Jemima. Her job was to put it together.

With two days to work on it the hunt was on. The basics were easy… black face paint, red lipstick, head bandanna  and an apron. The hard part was to find a proper looking Aunt Jemima dress. After searching several thrift stores we had no luck. Goodwill store was our last stop. Luckily we quickly found a long white skirt. But we needed an elder lady looking shirt or dress. About to give up, we see a small looking dress that screamed Aunt Jemima. We would have to make it work.

Under the apron the dress didn’t have to be completely buttoned and the sleeves had to cut to fit a man’s arms. Although a little snug, it worked. The next day at work everyone got a good laugh out of the costume and ran to my office to get a bite of a batch of pancakes my wife made. First prize was ours!

Great Last-Minute Aunt Jemima Halloween Costume

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