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Great Couple Costume Idea: Shrek and Fiona

Inspired by the classic movies and recent Broadway production of Shrek, we decided to make some green magic of our own.  Shrek and Fiona costumes are easy to create.  For Fiona, we found a green bridesmaid dress at our local Value Village and added a white peasant shirt from the closet.  We added a red “Mezmarelda” wig which we braided and tied with a matching green scrunchie.

For Shrek, flannel pajama bottoms and over sized white Henley were used.  We made the vest out of an over sized brown waffle shirt, we just cut off the arms and neck and then added the leather shoelace for the closure.  A length of tapestry trim was used for the belt.  I also found fake Ugg boots at the local second-hand store for Shrek and Fiona wore black shoes, although they weren’t really seen under her long dress.  We thought it would also be fun to add bright green tights as well as green nail polish the next time we don these outfits.

The green face paint was from a tube and was messy!  We would look harder for a different type of face paint next time.  For that reason, we did not paint our arms and hands.  Fiona wore green beaded necklaces on each arm.  The ears were from our local party craft store.  In all, they were fun costumes to create and wear!  The reactions from the crowd and Facebook were fantastic!  It was a definite hit!

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