My 8 year old daughter decided that to be a claw machine for Halloween this year. This is one of her favorite games to play and it turned out awesome.

We started off with a big rectangle box. We cut out the windows and spray painted it black, but you could choose any color. We glued in the back of an old bookbag that she could slip in and out of so she could walk around without holding the box. For the crane we used to a metal whisk, snipped the ends and used an old phone charger to connect it to the top of the box. We used a battery operated bike light  (red in color) to make it light up. We aslo glued rubber/plastic toys like pumpkins and skulls to the end of small flashlight that lit up inside the box. For the coin slots and return, we used foil and shimmering orange paper. The joystick is pumpkin flash light and the ‘catch’ buttun is a light up pumpkin necklace.I cut out a hole at the bottom right corner of the box and glued a piece of candy corn gift bag over it to be able to stick your hand thru it to grab the prize. This is where the candy went in. We made a box shaped like an ‘L’  so that when the candy went it, she could lean to the left and the candy would slide over to make room for more. We glued some of the prizes in and let her arrange the others onces she slid into the box. For the windows, we used clear plastic sheets.

This costume was so much fun to make yet a little time consuming. My daughter loved it along with everyone else that saw it. The Halloween theme was a hit!