My Furry Costume Creation – Geo

Well, I named my creation Geo. I started off making what is called a fursuit head out of old furniture foam. Her head shape was purely experimental. I wanted to make a species called a Sergal and hopefully sell the head at an upcoming convention.

While Geo was still being “foamed” I started looking at other fantasy creatures online and foun a love for furry dragons and a videogame species called a Charr. So, I added some of their best qualities into the head. After about a week of trimming, sculpting, and perfecting, I covered half of the head in duct tape and traced out the fur design I had planned to put on her.

The duct tape method is the perfect way to make a pattern of any shape out of nothing. If you do only half of the shape with duct tape you can save materials for your next craft.

I chose a green and brown pattern that reminded me of a close friend of mine who had died. She made animal designs and sold them online, and this was a design I had bought from her.

After cutting out the pattern in Faux Fur I hand sewed all the pieces together and carefully hot glued it into the foam base. Making sure to accent any cute shapes I had made.

but that’s not the last step…

I then had to take a simple animal fur trimmer and carefully trim down the fur on the facial area to reveal the face and all it’s cuteness. After that I cut out 18 black triangles of fur and sewed in some green tips. Then I sewed them together to create 9 double sided black and green “scales”, and carefully placed an sewed them onto the back of the head in a well thought out pattern.

I sat back and stared at the head for a couple hours just admiring and loving my work, and decided to install a squeaky toy as her voice box. I eventually wore the head out to get some second opinions and fell in love with how it felt to be that character. Needless to say, I decided not to sell her. Instead I spend months creating more to her. Feet, legs, arms, hands, and even a tail.

I have gained friends who enjoy dressing Geo in armor and such and taking pictures of me. It’s alot of fun haha.

My Furry Costume Creation - Geo

My Furry Costume Creation - Geo

My Furry Costume Creation - Geo