Funny SNL’s Lunch Lady and Sloppy Joe Couple Costume

I had seen online that a few couples had done the SNL Lunch Lady Land costumes, but wasn’t impressed with any of them, really. Plus, I wanted to look like an actual sloppy Joe.  Everything about the Lunch Lady costume was either thrift or something we already had on hand (I even made the mole out of some brown clay that I had). The muu-muu belonged to my amazing grandmother, who passed away just a couple of weeks before Halloween festivities were to take place. We partied on in her honor, though!

The sloppy Joe was made by sewing upholstery foam to a couple of hemming circles, then covering it in felt, pumpkin seeds (for sesame seeds), ribbon, and decorative pillow tassel… stuff. Ha, I slaved over it for about 48 hours, but had a lot of fun trying to get it to look juuust right.

We got TONS of compliments! Everyone kept asking to take our picture. It was a blast. By far my favorite Halloween costume to date!