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Funny Pregnancy Costume Idea: Moo-Ma and my Calf

So, as I started to get to get bigger in my pregnancy, my sister’s boyfriend would jokingly say ” it would be soon time for cow tippin’ ”  and would sometimes “moo” at me LOL. As Halloween approached  I knew I would have to something, as I always dress up to take my eldest son trick or treating, I thought it would be funny to make a cow costume. I got my creative juices flowing when I found an over sized white hoodie with a pocket in front, that was ready to be donated.

First I stitched the pocket almost closed with my needle and thread, leaving enough of an opening to lightly stuff the pocket ( just because the hoodie was over sized and almost completely made my 8 month baby belly vanish, but also so I could wear it again while not pregnant!) Next I cut a pink piece of fabric just big enough to hide where the pocket was. Then I added the utters or “nipples” in my case… yes that’s right bottle nipples!! and hot glued them to the now pink belly ( I used cheap ones from the Dollar store, and highly recommend you buy rubber instead of silicone as the glue didn’t stick well to the silicone and may fall off.)

OK, so now I was ready for the ears, so I traced the shape of a stuffed bunny that I had lying around and cut 4 pieces, 2 pink and two black, with wrong sides together I pinned and stitched along the long edges leaving the bottom open for turning and stuffing,. Once stuffed I sewed the last edge closed and hand stitched my ears in place on the top of the hood.

Next I made a girly bow to hide my raw ear edge and hot glued it into place. Almost done!! I had one of those snuggly’s lying around that was NEVER used around my house, ( you could also use black felt),  so I started  cutting cow spots, nothing fancy just random spots, and started hot gluing them on my sweater!! Slapped a bit of makeup on for my nose and that’s it, easy-peezee, it took maybe 3 hrs start to finish, about 5 dollars ( since I had most of the materials on hand) and a few minor burns from my hot glue gun, but all my neighbors got a kick of me trotting around the neighborhood all day and a few even said I looked moo-voulous!  Hope you all enjoy.

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