Funny DIY Couple Costume Idea: Dicks-in-a-Box from SNL!

Me and a friend decided to do one of the best and funniest skits Saturday Night Live ever had. Took forever to find the right color shirts, sunglasses and wigs. Every costume we do we try to implement a wig. Couldn’t find a wig even close to Justin Timberlake so I had to cut and dye my hair to match.

Everything was purchased separate between cheesy department stores and eBay. My friend’s shoes, which he bought online, started falling apart before we left the house. Between glue and tape it became a huge wardrobe malfunction but we made it work.

We were the hit of the party and even gave a performance that I wish I had video of. People couldn’t believe we got it that close. Everyone we’ve spoke to since then that didn’t get it or wasn’t familiar with it have found the video and complimented us on our work. Can’t wait to wear it for Halloween to some costume contest.  

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