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DIY Funny Couple Costumes: Huge Homemade Bra Costume

In coming up with our funny couple costumes, I was trying to think of a way to mock the “risque” theme of Halloween costumes for young adults. No offense to anyone who chooses to dress up with little clothing. You do you, boo boo!

Taking Inspiration From Sexy Costumes

Thinking about how many outfits really accentuate cleavage on women, I thought it would be funny to actually make myself into a really big boob. First, I thought about how I would actually achieve it. A uni-boob? No. Making my face into a representation of boobs? No. Even weirder. After a decently embarrassing list of solo person ideas, I realized I needed a partner in crime. I would be one boob, and my friend (Allyson) would be the other. I had to do just a little convincing, but she agreed!

Materials for our Funny Couple Costumes

We went to a bunch of different stores in search of a beach balls we could blow up that would serve as each boob. We struck out at Targets, Dollar Stores, and Wal-Marts until we tried one last Wal-Mart on the other side of town. Feeling defeated, we started walking out of the last store when I noticed the small shelf of “as seen on tv” items. I glanced quickly and found two games in boxes that were called “Smack-a-Ball. Basically, it was a blow up ball that you could just smack through a hoop. Needless to say, it was on sale for $3 a piece and there were only two left. We ditched the hoop, and thanked the Halloween gods for the last second opportunity to become the boobs we yearned to be.

Balls? Check. All we needed to get next were tee shirts. We bought two XL white tees and two XL red tees. We cut the red shirts to where one had a strap that would go over one of our shoulders on the right and one on the left. The strapless shoulders we create the formation of cleavage.

After that we fine tuned the “bra” to the balls and our bodies and we were really shaping into a fine set of girls (no pun intended). We used some tape to tuck in the rest of the shirt that was hanging off of the ball at the bottom. And there you have it folks. Two knockers.

Our funny couple costumes all together cost $20. Heyo bargain!

Reactions to our Knockout DIY Costume

Oh boy. We got just about every comment we thought we’d receive… and then some. We requested an Uber to go into town to meet up with some friends for Halloween festivities. When we got in the car, the driver looked back at us and laughed and said “y’all some titties!?!?”.

Once we got into town, our costume was super inviting for not only men, but women really dive in for the motorboat. For us, it was all super funny because everyone was just essentially diving into two blow up balls. Walking around town, there were a lot pointing, chuckling, and smiling.

At one point, a police officer approached us. I got a little nervous at first, wondering why the officer was coming towards us. All of these irrational ideas flooded through my head.

“Oh god, I’m going to be sent to jail as a boob.”

She gave us a warm smile and asked if she could take a photograph because “her colleagues will never believe she saw this costume”. I took a breath of relief and we happily agreed for the photo!

More Reactions to our Funny Couple Costumes

The rest of the evening consisted of people squeezing the blow up balls, laughing hysterically, and hearing shouts of “tatas! boobies! double D’s!”

So, we actually got asked to be in a contest at a local venue. We jumped up and down in unison on stage, cracking up and getting the crowd riled up! We sadly accepted defeat to an “Up!” duo who were rocking helium balloons.

When in crowded spaces, we often unintentionally bumped into other people. The typical reaction was negative until they turned around to see we were boobs, which usually sparked conversation and getting to know so many people!

funny couple costumes

funny couple costumes

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