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Funny and Inexpensive DIY Patrick Costume from SpongeBob

This Costume was really easy but fun and different which is something I always strive for around halloween.

I went to Walmart and found really cheap pink leggins and really cheap lime green shorts. I already had a coral sweater that went perfect. I cut out the flower shapes for his shorts from purlple wrapping paper. Then I also made huge eyes and eyebrows to put on my shirt…..and BAM Patrick was born.

One really funny thing some of my friedns were mentioning to me which was a little embarassing was that for one the eyes I made looked like boobs, and the second was that one of the flower cut out was directly on my privates on my shorts! I just told people “thats how it is on the real cartoon”! haha my friends kept making fun of me all day but I still thought my costume was super creative and fun!

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