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Fun Zombie Aladdin Homemade Halloween Costume

I was looking around Goodwill (my favorite place to come up with a Halloween costumes) and as soon as I walked in I saw this awesome purple vest.  I immediately came up with the idea to be Aladdin.  I then found the perfect pair of pants.  I went home and started to put the creative thoughts together.  I needed a Genie lamp, an ABU,  and a fez hat.

My dog has a stuffed monkey toy that I thought I could use. Unfortunately, the face was bitten off.  Later that night I was watching “the Walking Dea” and the idea came to me.  I could be a ZOMBIE ALADDIN!  It was perfect, the chewed up monkey could be a zombie ABU.  I got the rest of the accessories I needed and zombie make up and blood.

I made a small fez and vest for ABU from the same material as my vest.   I put everything together and it came out great!  People loved my costume and thought it was very original.  I was trying to find a zombie Jasmine all night..but no luck.

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