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Fun Sushi Group Costume

Fun Sushi costumes to make! Cardboard, duct tape, packing peanuts, foam paper, and a little spray paint.

First, I cut large round cardboard circles and glued two supporting pieces on the interior of the boards. Next, I taped the entire circumference of the circles creating a seaweed look on the outside of the circles. Be sure to leave holes for head, feet, and arms. After taping, I spray painted each side white to add a rice look. Then I added the cut out foam veggie, salmon, and egg looking pieces to the center. Remember to copy pattern on both sides. The last step was gluing the packing peanuts on the white areas for rice. Let costume dry.

Wasabi was super easy…T-shirt, and foam hat. So much fun…can’t wait for the next creation.

Kids loved these and had a blast wearing them! Best part was little brother Wasabi…he thought he was a king with that hat! Awesome time!

Fun Sushi Group Costume

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