Fun Napoleon Dynamite Group Costume

My boyfriend, his roommate and I all decided  to go as a character from the movie Napoleon Dynamite. When we thought of this idea we immediately got excited and picked out which character we wanted to be! Luckily, our costumes were simple to make. First we went to Goodwill and got a few items, then to the Dollar Tree, then of course, back to Goodwill. When we finally got all our clothes and props together, it all made sense.

We seriously felt like we were in the movie! We were about to pass out from laughter! As we were getting ready to leave for our costume party, we decided to take a group picture; this picture turned out looking like a duplicate from the one on the movie. I immediately posted it to Instagram and I got over 100 likes! Twitter and Facebook also got a lot of positive feedback. I loved reading all of our friends and family’s funny comments, its what made my not-so-attractive outfit all worth it!