This is our fun Mario, Peach, and Yoshi Family Costume. I made my dog’s costume but using a green t-shit and a yard of green fabric and felt squares in red and white.  I cut the felt in the shape of a hood then cut eyes out and used an old black shirt to make the dark pupils.  I cut red felt into triangles then hot glued two triangles then flipped them inside out.  After I did that I made the shell by cutting and sewing white felt into a circle then putting red felt on that to make a shell shape!  Then made a tail out of the green felt and stuffed it with pillowcase stuffing.  I glued everything together and voila!

For my outfit I used an old white corset, blond wig and got a crown and made my pink tutu. My  boyfriend just threw on some jeans and I bought him a red cap and t-shirt with a mustache!

Although we didn’t have a contest to win, if there was one we definitely would have won it. We got compliments all night about how everyone loved our costumes!