I had a lot of fun making this Peacock Tutu Halloween costume!  I saw a tutu on Pinterest and that was my inspiration!  I love the colors of a peacock so I knew exactly what to be for Halloween.  I bought 5 yrds of tulle in peacock colors, blues, greens, browns and purples.  Then some elastic.

Measure the elastic around your waist, then sew the ends together. Cut the tulle in 2 inch wide strips and double the length of what you want. Fold the tulle in half and loop it through itself on the elastic…continue until the tutu is made.

The tail, broach and head piece was made from gluing tail feathers in a various pattern on felt until you get what you are looking for.  I made a very simple tail and close to my body so it wouldn’t get in the way. I also took and old purse and shoes and did the same…glue feathers.

I finished off with a corset lined with feathers, I bought it that way but it would be really easy to glue feathers on a plain corset.