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Fun Homemade Ice Cream Cone Costume with Jimmies!

This is what you will need to make your fun homemade Ice Cream Cone costume with Jimmies:

  •  white cotton sheet or fabric (thrift store, Walmart, fabric store)
  •  smaller piece of colored fabric (use old colored t-shirts, scrap packs from a fabric store, or small sections from fabric store rolls)
  • white thread
  • tan skirt (or sew your own, I bought mine online from forever21 for like 7 bucks)
  • brown paint
  • electrical wire (Homedepot, Lowes)
  • stuffing cotton (I used the inside of old pillows)
  • ruler
  • marker
  • brownish craft or acrylic paint

To make the cone top section:

  •  Cut strips of white fabric as long as you can lengthwise and around 14 inches wide (depending on how big you want the swirls)
  •  Fold your strips of fabric in half
  •  Sew (preferably with a sewing machine) along the edge
  •  Turn strip inside out once it is sewn and slide electrical cord through the long fabric sleeve you just sewd
  •  stuff entire section with stuffing cotton
  •  sew ends together and tapper at the ends

Making the jimmies:

  •  cut colored fabric into 2.25″ by 8ish” strips
  •  roll the sections
  •  sew them onto the long white top you just made

Putting it on:

  •  wrap the strip all the way around you
  •  use a scrap piece of white fabric to side the bottom two swirls together so you don’t unravel
  •  as an option you can ask someone to tie it in other sections to make sure it stays together

 Making the waffle cone shirt:

  •  take a ruler and mark diagonal lines in one direction with a marker across the shirt
  •  switch diagonal and make the same marks
  •  paint over lines with brown craft or acrylic paint

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