The best part of doing this theme was that he was totally in for it! The minute he said, “yes” to Ken I knew we could pull it off because creativity is my thing especially during Halloween time!!! I literally started on this costume October 1st and it came out exactly as I had imagined!

I searched high and low for everything from the individual blonde extensions to his blue loafers! The hardest part of this costume was definitely his wig. When I ordered it, it looked brown and full and when I received it, it was yellow and only half the head!! I really had no other choice but to work with it, so that’s what I did. I went to Hobby Lobby and painted it brown then sprayed it with a gloss several times. Even though it was only half a wig, you couldn’t really tell in pictures! Lol.

I ordered material off of Etsy online to fit Kens pattern as closely as possible and I custom made his T-shirt! His shorts we found at a local thrift shop which were pants and I cut up into shorts and his shoes we found on a random day walking downtown for $5! As for myself, I ordered my leotard off of ebay after searching for “blue leotard” about 300 times, I finally found my size (by luck) and color! I accessorized with a pink belt and pink shoes I already had and my necklace I put together by combining two barbie ones that I already had as well! My leggings, I cut up a pair of kid socks by cutting off the toe and scrunching them!

My hair was just as tough as his wig, but I pulled it off pretty good I think. I bought two packs of blonde hair extensions and clipped them in all over! I then covered the ends with the pink band so you couldn’t tell where the clips where inserted! The bangs and ponytail I ordered of ebay and they were a perfect match! Every one loved our costumes and we got several compliments that night!!! After it all came together, barbie was ready to PARTY!!!!