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Friendly Lawn Ornaments Couple Costume

I had always wanted a tutu, so that was the inspiration to look for costume ideas that could incorporate one and decided on a pink flamingo. Making the tutu was easy but the most time-consuming step. I used a long piece of ribbon and tied tule strips to it. It took 3.5 spools of tule ribbon (available at Michael’s). I used light pink and fuschia glitter tule. Don’t recommend using the glitter tule though because it was everywhere! I also made the flamingo mask using a simple white mask, pink paper for the beak, and feathers for the face. The feathers did fall off so I’d recommend purchasing a mask, or skipping it. I also bought a long pink shirt and black leggings. I had purchased a pink boa to use but didn’t use it.

For my fiance’s gnome costume, I made the hat (found a pattern online, then cut it from felt and hot-glued it into shape) and we purchased a Santa beard, a blue button down, and he wore brown pants. The beard shedded a lot too but that’s pretty key for the costume.

We spent the day at the park, occassionally pausing to be lawn ornaments.

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