This Dino Princess costume took a lot of time to make. I started with chicken wire and made my basic form, then added lots and lots of spray foam. I then sanded it down smooth and added spray paint, added a tongue which was actually a hand in a candy bowl prop I tore apart and used the parts and then hooked up a control to make it move.

I used Christmas lights hooked up to a battery for his eyes and he had smoke that came out of his nose using surgical tube and the bulb from a turkey baster filled with baby powder!  To make his skin look more like skin I used wrinkled tissue paper and glue, using fish net stocking to give it a scale-like finish.

This was a lot of fun to make and a bit frustrating at times.  My clothing was made from an old moose hide I had that was loosing fur, so I shaved it down and sanded it and sewed a top out of it. My necklace is a coyote skull and my ax is a Bull penis and a shoulder blade from an elk. Across my back is an elk vertebra.

Halloween night when I wore it out I must have had my picture taken a 100 times,  everyone kept asking me if they could get their pic taken with me – I said sure why not!