I was Mystique and my boyfriend was Professor X. We took an old wheelchair and spray painted it silver and put the X wheels on it. For Mystique, I didn’t plan on painting my whole body blue so I went off of the old school jumpsuit she wears in XMEN first class. I got a yellow, grey, and white track jacket and painted parts of it black and put the X on the back.

Then I used some old race car seat belts for the straps on the jacket. I wore navy blue skinny jeans with tall leather boots and black gloves for the rest of the outfit. Then I used liquid latex to make the scales on my face and painted it blue. I used a darker blue to accent the scales after. I used black eye shadow around my eyes too. Blue paint wouldn’t stay on my lips (and tasted awful) so I used blue food coloring to dye my lips.  I sprayed my hair red, used a lot of gel, and wore yellow eye contacts. The contacts were the hardest part.