The Concept:

Females are complex creatures, our varying emotions are deep and honest, and we act from our hearts. We protect who we love with out regret, and you can never love anyone if you do not love yourself. No matter how sweet of a soul you are, if you are a lady, you have and inner villain. She’ll stand up for your heart even when she stands alone, and lets be honest, she’s fabulous.

 The Goal:

 Our costume goal was to be the Disney female villains if they were best friends in college. It was important to us to represent each evil lady as Disney portrayed them, with the exception of the fact we wanted to also feel attractive. Each costume began with the original outfit the villain wore, and was slowly altered into an ensemble that was current with today’s fashion. It took us all 4 hours to get ready, and more time than I had hoped to spend on making the costumes. My girls were great models and willing to help, but their craft skills were minimal so most of the costume construction fell on me. By the time the costumes were done I was in full villain mode and never wanted to see a sewing machine again. That was until we got to show off our creations and no one believed us that they were home made!

 Ursula (Jamie):

 I choose Ursula for myself, mainly based on the idea that I would have purple skin and some sort of white hair undo, and I was unsure of how comfortable my girlfriends would be in full body paint. (Meanwhile I totally forgot that Maleficent was completely green with large horns, thankfully my girls were up for the challenge.) I wore a black sweetheart shape wear dress as a base for the Ursula costume, and made a skirt of tentacles from scratch. My first attempt at the tentacles, I sewed two pieces of black fabric together in a long S shape for all 8 tentacles.

When I turned them inside out to hide the seems, I realized I drastically misjudged the width, and I had 8 long black whimpy spaghetti strings. At this point I headed back to the fabric store and purchased more black fabric as well as a darker purple sheer fabric to go underneath the tentacles so you could not see my legs. After attaching the dark purple fabric to the waistband, the fabric was gathered and stitched together at random areas to create a ruffle like effect. I then made each tentacle much wider, each with 3 sides, the side facing inward was light purple and ruffled similar to the dark purple fabric.

While the tentacles were stuffed with tulle from my waist to my mid thigh area, they were also curled upward at the ends to show the light purple underside of the tentacles. My hair was by far the hardest part of this costume, I felt as if I was blindly curling teasing and pinning my hair on top of my head. The hair do was so hard, it looked completely untouched the next morning, bright white and all!

 Cruella De Ville (Jess):

 Cruella’s base dress was a high waisted skirt and black tank top salvaged from our own closets. At first we searched for adults faux fur coats and quickly realized they are ridiculously over priced, and went for a child’s fur coat instead. We did alter the fur coat by adding dalmatian print fabric to the collar, and used the left over fabric to create a Cruella inspired purse.

The purse’s gold metal clasp and trim was made from gold duck tape, and included hand made dangled dalmatian print tails and a red fabric handle. Her shoes were originally white, which we painted red with acrylic paint. After curling her hair, we sprayed half black and half white. This really pulled the costume together, and while Disney’s version of her hair is short and spiky, our adaptation worked best by leaving her hair down.

 Queen of Hearts (Rachael):

 Started with a black mini dress and added red and yellow fabric to create a shorter tighter version of the Queen of Hearts Dress. We also sewed some tulle to the outside of the back of the dress. The long sheer black and red skirt is a separate piece that fits over the base dress. It was also home made and gave me many glue gun blisters that were not fun. I made the mistake sewing a large heart shaped collar to the dress right over the zipper. We had to cut the collar in half and add a red lace up to tie the collar together after the dress was on.

The worst part of this costume was the hair which Disney represented as black. Lucky for me, Rachael bleached her hair the same day as our Halloween party and was not aloud to use the black hair spray. She bought a long black wig, that I cut up and pinned in pieces onto her head to appear as if she had an up do of black hair. Her Crown was a part of a larger crown that was cut and glued into a smaller size.

Evil Queen (Amanda):

 Amanda’s purple dress was an old prom dress, and she used a curtain tie back tassel as a belt.  The cape was tacked in the back so it did not cover her shoulders, we added the black fabric across her chest to help hold the cape on with the weight of the large collar. The collar was made of foam covered in white fabric, creating the right shape for the collar was the hardest part of all the costumes combined. I taped soda cans under the top edges of the collar and used a blow dryer to mold the foam into a slight curl before sewing the white fabric over it.

Her crown was also made of foam covered in gold duck tape and gold colored paper, which was hot glued to a black head band. We choose not to have her wear a tight hood, but instead sprayed her hair black while in a high large bun. Hurray for sock buns! Lastly Amanda carried the evil queens heart box as her purse. The box was hand painted and had a foam heart and dagger covered in gold duck tape attached to the box clasp.

Maleficent (Justine):

Her base dress was short and had low cut mesh in the front in the back. We sewed black fabric to the bottom of the dress to make it longer and lined the mesh with purple fabric. Her sleeves were added over foam glued to the shoulders of the dress. Each sleeve was attached in the back to the bottom of the mesh area, and had loops at the ends near her fingers so when she lifted her arms she appeared to  have a type of wing.

The staff was made of sticks from our back yard with a clear Christmas ornament glued to the top. The sticks were spray painted gold, and the ornament had glitter glued to the inside. The best part was the glow stick inside the ornament. Maleficent’s horns were made from water bottles, pipe cleaners and black duck tape. I actually sewed the horns to her hair to keep them on her head!And of course, she was painted green from the waist up.