My grandchildren love the movie Frozen so I made them Frozen costumes this year.

Madison (Elsa) did not like the store costume, so I took it apart. It needed to be form fitting, longer, more sparkly with a longer train.

Mason’s (Kristoff) costume was made from used this and thats by shopping at the Thrifty Shopper and Salvation Army. I sewed half of a wig and half of a huge ball onto a hat, made the belt from ribbon from Joann Fabrics.

Raelynn’s (Anna) was a store dress costume with homemade cloak (no pattern –  just an idea off of Pinterest). We colored her blonde hair red and added the glitter design to her boots.

For Aiden (Olaf) we added stuffing to a store costume hat and body, and made booties out of leftover material with a hair tie to hold them on.

For Malachi (The Love Expert Troll) we sewed ears onto a hat, bought a used grass skirt at Salvation Army and made the body and hair, and slippers for the feet.

Mack  the dog’s  (Sven) antlers were made from Five Below (painted), fur leftover from grandma’s material, ribbon from Joann Fabrics.

We went to a parade in Wegmans (unfortunately could not bring Sven) but we didn’t even get in the door when a lady asked if she could please get a picture! We had to move out of the entrance because people were blocking it to look at us.  The children were calling out to the girls “Elsa, Anna”, no one missed Olaf!

The kids were getting hugs from other Elsa and Anna characters. We didn’t see any other Kristoff or Trolls and EVERYONE commented on how fantastic their costumes were! The kids felt like movie stars. It was really great.  Raelynn was answering to “Anna” the whole night. Adults and children alike knew EXACTLY who they were.  It was a huge success and FAMILY adventure, the making and parading of the costumes. The pose in the picture was a task of its own, and I couldn’t be prouder of the work of the kids and the dog. A picture is worth a thousand words for sure. I think it turned out great. <3